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El TacoLicious

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555 W. Belmont Ave
Fresno, CA 93728 (Click for Map)
Phone: 559-412-7849

Additional Address:

Business Hours:
Mon - Thur 11am - 9pm
Fri - Sun 11am - 3am
Our tacos, mulitas and gorditas are made with hand made tortillas. We make them, when you order them...and not a minute sooner!!
About Us:
Life is simple...and so is a good taco. Use fresh ingredients, quality meats and serve it quick and with a smile. El TacoLicious has a simple menu consisting of 7 items. Not complex, nor elaborate, just plain good. You dress or garnish it the way you want it. Fresh, fast..and with a smile!
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$6.00 Taco Combination (Exp. 12/31/2020)
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